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wired heart

tamakuro in o_bloomies

Fanfic: Boy and the Ghost

Title: Boy and the Ghost
Author: Tamakuro18
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Orlando Bloom/Gregg (OC), Orlando Bloom/Viggo Mortensen
Summary: Based on the song by Tarja Turunen, Boy and the Ghost. Orlando runs away trying to find shelter. When none is given, he goes back home to his abusive boyfriend.
Feedback: I'd love feedback. tamakuros_cousin5210@hotmail.com
Warnings: Dark!fic, Character Deaths, Minor Swearing, Unbeta, Urges to kill the author.
Disclaimer: I do not own the song or the actors. I do own Gregg though.
Author's Note: Yes, it's another dark!fic by me. Yes, I'm cruel. I hate neither Orlando nor Viggo. They are great actors. I'm just evil. The bunny was biting me and wouldn't leave me alone. So I cooked the bunny up and made this. (* * *) Means change of scene or time. Have fun!

* * *

The streets are empty
inside it's warm
his hands are shaking
they lock the door

a voice is calling
asking to get in

all he wanted was a toy
all he needed was a gentle heart
to lead him through the dark
when his dreams are running wild
boy and the ghost

fire's not burning
the lights went out
the lights went out
big family dinner
the untold pain
their eyes are sparkling
on his frozen face

angels calling
asking to get in

all he wanted was a toy
all he needed was a gentle heart
to lead him through the dark
when there's nowhere left to fall
boy and the ghost

his eyes are burning
the lights went out
the dreamy snow

wake up, wake up
there's an angel in the snow
look up, look up
it's a frightened dead boy
with so much hate
such bad dreams
he could have seen
the toys the key
but no one saw
no one saw

all he wanted was a toy
all he needed was a leading heart
to lead him through the dark
boy and the ghost
chor: Despero, solitas, debilis, desolo.
Despero, solitas, debilis, desolo
when there's nowhere to go
nowhere to hide

the silence is burning
inside it's cold
sleep all die
nowhere to go
nowhere to hide
his light went out

Tarja Turunen- Boy and the Ghost

Boy and the Ghost

Orlando opened the door to the house he was temporarily using. He looked outside to the winter night. No human being was out in the freezing air. The actor turned his eyes inside. The heat was on. There was a bed he could sleep on. He was also inside.

Orlando felt his hands shake as he stayed in the open doorway. He didn't know if it was from the nerves or the cold. He had to choose. Should he stay inside where he was or go outside to the snow? As he was about to step inside, Orlando remembered all the times with him. The actor locked and shut the door. He walked into the snow.

Where can I go? Orlando asked himself. Beanie's home in England. I'm sure John doesn't want to deal with me. Maybe Elijah will let me hang out with him.

Orlando walked along the path. He shivered in his thin coat while he watched his feet move forward. He looked up occasionally to know where he was. It took about a half hour before he got to the house Elijah was staying in. He rang the doorbell and waited for an answer. Elijah came to the door a minute later.

'Orlando? What are you doing here?' Elijah asked.

'Hey 'lij, could I hang out here for the night?' Orlando asked pulling the collar of his coat over his neck. He felt the heat coming from the house. He wanted to be in that heat. 'I left the key to the house in the trailer.'

'I'd love to hang out with you, but Dom, Billy and Sean are here for some hobbit party time,' Elijah said. 'Maybe you could go to Viggo's house.'

'Ok, sure.' Orlando looked down to his feet.

'Hey, I'll talk to you in the morning.' Elijah closed the door. Orlando felt the heat leave as the darkness covered him. He walked down the steps and left the place for his next destination.

Orlando walked through the snow towards the familiar house. He put his hands in his coat pockets to find some warmth. There was no heat in the darkness. His heart started to beat harder the closer he got to Viggo's house. Untold thoughts went through his head. He began questioning his decision of leaving his home, of leaving him. He finally got to the house. He saw light through the window. The curtains were pushed away for him to look into the life of his dear friend.

Orlando stepped up to the window and looked inside. He saw Viggo in the kitchen serving dinner to his son. Orlando's heart ached as he spied the scene. He gazed at the older actor's happy face as he spoke unheard words to his family. The Brit wished he was inside with Viggo, feeling that happiness and warmth. Orlando saw the sparkle and joy in their eyes as he froze outside with his empty soul. Orlando walked up to the door and rang the doorbell. The door opened to Viggo a few seconds later.

'Orlando? What are you doing out here with such little protection?' Viggo asked.

'Could I spend the night here?' Orlando asked. 'I was stupid and locked myself out of the house.'

'I'm sorry,' Viggo said. 'Henry's here for the week and I wanted to spend as much time with him as possible.'

'Please Viggo,' Orlando begged. 'I need a place to stay.'

'Why not try the hobbits?' Viggo asked. 'I'm sure they'll love to hang out with you.'

'They're having their own special time,' Orlando said. 'Please Viggo. I want to be with you. I love you.' Viggo stared at the Brit when the words were said.

'You throw that phrase around so loosely,' Viggo said. 'I'm sorry, but I can't love you. I don't love you. We're just friends.'

Viggo closed the door to separate himself from Orlando. The Brit left the porch with his head hung. His heart was heavy with grief. There was nowhere else to go but home. He couldn't bother the others. He could only go back to him. His frozen feet lead him back to the ghost haunting him. Orlando felt the tears burn behind his eyes. He stopped in front of the house. He looked up when the door opened. In the doorway was his boyfriend methodically tapping his foot while his arms were crossed.

'Where were you?' the man asked.

'Nowhere Gregg,' Orlando said trying to get inside. He was pushed down the steps.

'Let me guess,' Gregg said. 'You attempted to run away to your 'secret' crush and he refused to fuck your used body.'

'Fuck off!' Orlando yelled standing up. 'I just want to go inside and sleep. This is my house, not yours!'

'Anything belonging to you belongs to me,' Gregg said. 'That means this house belongs to me. Your money belongs to me. You belong to me.'

'I belong to no one,' Orlando said. 'I had never belonged to you and I never will belong to you. Now get out of my house!'

'I think not, Love.' Gregg grabbed Orlando's wrist and dragged him inside. He turned off the light in the living room before taking his prey into the back yard. He shoved Orlando face first into the snow. Orlando used to love the snow. Now it has lost its innocence.

* * *

Viggo awoke to the phone ringing. He stretched before answering it. He heard the harsh words of Orlando's boyfriend. He felt like he couldn't breathe when the phone line went dead. He hurriedly put some clothes and shoes on. Viggo paused at his son's room. He couldn't leave the child alone here. He woke his son, telling him to get his shoes on. They walked to the front door and put their coats on. Viggo and Henry then went to the car. The American turned on the engine and drove as fast as he could to Orlando's house.

Once there, Viggo left the car and told his son to stay inside. He pounded on the door and rang the doorbell. No one answered. Viggo tried the door and found it opened easily for him. Everything was dark and cold. He ran through the house calling Orlando's name. His search led him to the door to the back yard. He walked outside and found blood tainting the snow. He walked to the spot. He looked up and saw Orlando's lifeless eyes staring at him with his naked body staining the snow around him. Viggo rushed to the body calling the Brit's name.

'Orlando! Oh God! Orlando!' Viggo cried holding the body in his arms. He tried desperately to find a pulse. He pulled his phone from his pocket and dialed Peter Jackson's number. 'Pete! You need to come quickly to Orlando's house and call somebody! Orlando's dead!'

* * *

'Here's some coffee Viggo,' Peter said handing the cup to the American. Both men were in the police station with Henry. Viggo paid no attention to the coffee in his hands. All he could see was Orlando's dead eyes.

'I should have seen it, Pete,' Viggo said. 'He was always reluctant to go home. When he comes over for the night, he always has nightmares. His boyfriend was rude. I could have saved him.'

'This isn't your fault,' Pater said. 'None of us would have known. There was no way we knew to save him.'

'He came to me,' Viggo said. 'He came to me wanting to stay in my house tonight. He told me he loved me and I turned him away. I couldn't see he needed me. He wanted my love.'

'He needed all of us,' Peter said. 'We were too foolish not to see it.'

* * *

It was January 13th. It would have been Orlando's birthday if he was alive. Few could think of filming this day. Their hearts were filled with grief for the Brit. The hearts were heaviest of Elijah and Viggo. Orlando had come to them for protection and they turned him away. They thought of themselves as cruel to leave Orlando alone to his death. Now they couldn't hide from their despair. Viggo was never able to shed any tears. He wasn't able to sleep. All he would see when he closed his eyes was Orlando's frightened eyes.

The day of filming ended letting everyone go home to their grief. Viggo drove to Orlando's house. He walked into the home and sat on the couch. It was quiet and cold. No birds sang their songs. No car made a sound. No heat entered the home even with the summer heat. Viggo felt the tears prick as fatigue overwhelmed him. He closed his eyes and laid back on the couch.

He opened his eyes to a smiling Orlando. Both were resting on a bed. Orlando kissed the American on the lips before resting his head on Viggo's shoulder. With that simple kiss, Viggo knew. There was no other thought. There was no way to hide it. He loved the Brit next to him. He brought Orlando's hand up to his lips and pressed a kiss to the palm. He then leaned down and kissed Orlando. Viggo closed his eyes again, only with arms wrapped around the boy next to him.

The light outside died with Viggo.

The End.