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light of the world

tamakuro in o_bloomies

well, we had an ice storm here in missouri. it lasted for about 4 days and knocked out the power constantly. my grandparents, sister, brother in law, nephew, aunt, and brother's friend have been staying at our house. my sister, brother in law, and nephew went home on monday. my brother's friend comes every now and then. my grand parents and aunt are still at my house since they still dont have power. i havent had school all week becuz some ppl dont have power. and wat's even better is that a snow storm is coming into town. it's starting on saturday and ending monday. and even better. there's another snow storm on wednesday! this is the worst winter weather that i know of. and today is the first day that we had the enternet back. gosh i hate winter. its too cold. oh well. todels.